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About Us

Peach on a Leash is a full-service dog training company based in Alpharetta, Georgia and serving the northern suburbs of Metro Atlanta, from Sandy Springs to Cumming.

Utilizing the most modern, science-based training techniques, head trainer and pet behavior expert Alex Sessa, (formerly Andes) CPDT-KA and her team will deliver the results you’re looking for.

We provide your dog with a fun, positive learning experience that provides quick results and dramatically improves behavior while strengthening your bond with your dog.

Regardless of your dog’s breed or behavior issues, you’ll be amazed at how quickly your dog responds to our training.

Meet Our Team

Owner & Head Trainer: Alex Sessa

Peach on a Leash owner and head trainer, Alex Sessa, (formerly Andes) CPDT-KA, VSPDT is a pet behavior expert who has been training dogs and studying dog behavior for nearly a decade. Alex is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers, a certification that requires hundreds of logged training hours and passing a comprehensive exam. She is also a certified Victoria Stilwell Positively Dog Trainer (VSPDT), another prestigious certification.

She attended the University of Georgia, where she began honing her training skills while helping improve the behavior of local shelter dogs to reduce euthanasia rates. She graduated with honors in 2012 and worked as both a pet adoption counselor and an assistant dog trainer before being offered a job with celebrity dog trainer Victoria Stilwell of Animal Planet’s “It’s Me or the Dog.”

Alex traveled the world with Victoria and had the opportunity to learn from her in all facets of training and behavior for over four years before deciding to pursue her dream of launching Peach on a Leash. Their work together allowed Alex the opportunity to work hands-on with both pet dogs and working dogs, including police dogs and accelerant detection dogs. Alex is completing the prestigious Jean Donaldson Academy for Dog Trainers, commonly referred to as “the Harvard for dog trainers,” to further refine her training skills.

Alex is also active in the rescue community. She works with Furkids Animal Rescue, Atlanta Boxer Rescue, Angels Among Us Pet Rescue, Canine Cellmates, and others.

These experiences have helped her to become one of the most studied, well-rounded trainers in the area, and her results-oriented training utilizes effective and humane techniques that are backed by the latest modern behavioral science.

She shares her home with her husband Will, who is a police K-9 officer, and their beloved dogs.


Certified Trainer: Amelia Cosmas

Certified Trainer Amelia Cosmas, CPDT-KA is a passionate dog trainer and puppy expert. Amelia is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers, a certification that requires hundreds of logged training hours and passing a comprehensive exam. After Graduating With Distinction from the prestigious Victoria Stilwell Academy for Dog Training, Amelia was hired by her Academy mentor as a trainer. While working in the nursery school at her mentor’s facility, Amelia trained countless 8-16 week old puppies, taught group classes and trained privately in client’s homes. 

She is committed to results-oriented, science-based, and fun training. Amelia continually furthers her education and experiences in the dog training world by attending conferences and seminars as well as belonging to several professional organizations.

As a Certified Volunteer at Canine Assistants in Milton, Amelia takes great pride in helping dogs to become amazing service animals who go on to improve the lives of their recipients in immeasurable ways. Amelia is very active in this organization, currently fostering and teaching three incredible future service dogs.

She shares her home with her wonderful husband and their two awesome dogs, Rhett, a Mixed Breed and Ronan, a Golden Retriever.

Certified Trainer: Jackie Audette

Jackie graduated from Rutgers University, where she received her Bachelor’s in Animal Science with a minor in Companion Animal Science. While attending college, she spent her free time teaching group and private lessons at a local pet store.

After graduating, she worked as a trainer at North Shore Animal League, the largest no-kill animal shelter in the United States, where she specialized in working with hard-to-handle dogs and cats.

Jackie then participated in a three-year apprenticeship program to become a certified Guide Dog Mobility Instructor where she has trained and placed countless service dogs for those with visual impairments.  Additionally, she has worked with veterans and first responders by training and providing mobility and PTSD dogs to those in need. Realizing that she had a strong skillset working with service dogs, Jackie progressed to become the Apprentice Program Manager where she would mentor new trainers to become certified service dog instructors.

Jackie believes in maximizing positive reinforcement training techniques and loves to attend conferences to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and studies.  She believes that training should be fun for not only the dog, but the whole family as well.

She currently shares her home with three pet dogs, a Golden Retriever, German shepherd and an Australian Shepherd and her boyfriend’s service dog, a Labrador Retriever.  There is never a dull moment in her home!

Trainer: Julia Skrotzki

Julia is a passionate dog lover who got her start in the dog training world by assisting Alex in her group classes. Alex quickly realized that Julia had incredible natural ability in working with both people and dogs, and helped her fine-tune those skills into a career as a trainer for Peach on a Leash.

Julia is currently enrolled in the Victoria Stilwell Academy for Dog Training and Behavior to further her skills and knowledge in the field, and is working towards completing her CPDT-KA dog training certification.

10 years ago, Julia moved to the US from a small town in Germany. She now calls Milton home and lives with her 3 dogs, husband and two children. Julia is also a active volunteer and foster mom at the Atlanta Humane Society.

Trainer: Hallie Wells

Hallie Wells is joining our team with a background with assistance dogs and pet dog behavior. For over four years, Hallie was the puppy program manager for a guide dog and service dog school that placed over 100 dogs a year with clients that were visually impaired, blind, or veterans needing an assistance dogs. Many of the dogs went on to careers to autism support dogs, accelerant detection dogs, and service dogs for civilians.

Hallie attended the University of Georgia, where she worked at as a veterinary assistant and animal caretaker at a dog daycare and boarding facility. While in college, she fostered dogs with Helping Paws rescue, with a focus on the dogs that had behavioral issues including aggression and resource guarding. Working with her foster dogs, Hallie began to understand that high value reinforcement was the most effective way to provide clear communication and guidelines to any dog, especially those with undesirable behaviors.

After graduation, Hallie focused on a career in the assistance dog industry. She started puppy raising a Labrador cross rescue in 2011, which had a tremendous effect on her life and career path. That impact influenced her to use her training and behavior background as a positive impact for the assistance dog industry. She effectively started a result-oriented, positive reinforcement based training protocol for the 400+ puppies trained yearly at the organization. Hallie has honed her skills on early neonatal socialization, public socialization, service dog training, and client dog relationships and is excited to share her understanding and knowledge with Peach on a Leash Clients.

Hallie shares her home with Lola Mae, a black and white mix dog and Arthur Ziv, a long haired orange tabby cat. Lola and Arthur are quite the pair; providing appropriate cat exposure and teaching puppies correct interaction with other animals to all the animals that are welcomed into Hallie’s home!

Pet Care Manager: Kim Howard

Kim grew up helping her Dad take care of abandoned and hurt animals. Growing up in a house where there are always five or more pets in the family, her love of animals and the desire to always care for them came into play.

The minute she was old enough to work, she started her path and career to care for animals. For over 20 years, she has honed her skills in the animal field.

Kim has experience as a kennel manager, daycare supervisor, veterinary technician, and pet sitter. She has been learning about animal behavior and training along the way, but her true passion is in caring for your best friend.

She loves to hike around the country, and includes her three huskies into all her life adventures.

Administrative Assistant: Stella Harney

Stella is our amazing administrative assistant! She supports our staff and clients, ensuring we are fast and effective communicators. Stella helps Peach on a Leash run like clockwork!

Stella has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Oglethorpe University, and has a passion for working with and helping animals. We especially love that she fosters dogs for the Atlanta Humane Society and Angels Among Us Pet Rescue!

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Our Philosophy

Alex and her team are passionate about staying up-to-date on the latest modern behavioral science. Their methods are rooted in positive reinforcement, providing effective and long-lasting results without causing your dog any fear or pain. Just like those in the medical community take a pledge to “do no harm,” we make the same promise to our clients and their dogs.

We do not utilize prong, choke, or remote collars in training. We guide dogs into making appropriate choices and set clear and consistent boundaries, providing you with the results you’re looking for without frightening your dog in the process. You don’t need harsh training equipment to achieve the results you’re looking for – you just need someone with the skills and experience it takes to train using the most modern methods!

Want more information on our training methods? Read this blog we wrote on the subject.