Dog Training Services

What Can We Do For You?

Check out our services below for all of the available training options for you and your dog.

We can help with any training or behavior problem you might be experiencing, from puppy training, to service dog training, fear, aggression, and everything in between.

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All of our training clients receive: 

  • Exceptional training conducted by a certified dog trainer and behavior expert
  • Custom training plans after each session
  • Follow-up support between sessions as needed via email or phone
  • Lifetime discounts on group training classes
  • Up to a 50% discount on your first Pet Care Service.
  • Access to our free monthly group training walks
  • Lifetime training support via email and through our exclusive online client community group.

Private Dog Training

Private Dog Training

Our most popular service! At Peach on a Leash, we believe that the most effective training is done in the comfort of your home. We work in your home (or other locations as desired), assess your goals, implement a training plan to help you meet those goals, and guide you through the training process with follow-up support.

Purchase single sessions ($95/hour), or choose a training package to receive a discount on the standard hourly rate.*

Feel free to ask us which package we think is right for you!

Training Packages

Bronze Collar: 3 Sessions

Ideal for those seeking help with a single behavior issue, basic manners, and/or foundation obedience work.

Cost: $270

Silver Collar: 5 Sessions

A great choice for homes with more than one dog needing training, or who are seeking help for mild to moderate behavior issues. It's also the perfect amount of sessions for more intensive manners and/or obedience training for adult dogs.

Our most popular package for those that have just brought home a new adult dog, or those looking to sharpen their dog's existing skills!

Cost: $440

Gold Collar: 8 Sessions

Our Gold Collar package works best for clients looking for complete obedience training (including proofing outdoors, in new locations, and with distractions), moderate-to-severe behavior or aggression issues, multi-dog homes, and/or more complex cases.

Cost: $680

Peachy Puppy Training Package

By far our most popular puppy service. Designed for puppies under 6 months old, our puppy kickoff package is the perfect way to lay a solid training and socialization foundation. We specialize in puppy development!

  • A customizable 6-session private training program that takes place in your home.
  • We'll help you with potty training, nipping, and other common puppy problems.
  • Your puppy will learn all the basic cues (including sit, down, come, stay, leave it, drop it, go to bed, loose leash walking, and more)
  • Exclusive discounts on trainer-tested puppy products and food.
  • Lifetime support through our exclusive online client community group.

Cost: $480

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Day-Training for Dogs

In-Home Day Training

Come home to a tired, happy, well-trained dog! Want the visible results you’ll get working with a professional dog trainer, but without the big time commitment? With our in-home day training package, we’ll come to your home and work with your dog while you’re away, and you’ll only need to take part in a biweekly “owner transfer” session to make sure you’re caught up with what we’ve been working on.

We can create a custom package specific to your dog's needs, and also offer a pre-planned curriculum including:

  • Sit
  • Down
  • Place
  • Stay
  • Come
  • Leave it
  • Wait
  • Loose Leash Walking


$220/week for a 3 week package
Includes 8 Sessions (6 day training sessions, and 2 transfer sessions with the whole family involved!)

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Puppy Camp

Puppy Camp: Board and Train

Our unique Puppy Camp board & train program is tailored to the specific needs of puppies under 5 months of age only. We’ll jump start the potty training and crate-training process for you, help prevent unwanted behaviors like jumping, mouthing, and resource guarding, as well as teach your puppy all the foundation behaviors they’ll need to be a well-behaved, happy family dog.

All of our puppy campers enjoy a half-acre, securely fenced yard for exercise and training, plus a hiking trail and expansive field that's perfect for recalls and leash training. It truly is dog heaven!

For the safety of the puppies in our care, we require that all puppies are healthy and up-to-date on all vaccines for their age. If the puppy has been purchased from a pet store or adopted directly from a shelter, they must wait 14 days before coming to us. If the puppy has been in a foster home or was purchased from a private breeder, a shorter wait time will be considered.

Many puppy parents choose to have their puppy come straight to us from their breeder or foster home - let us do the hard work for you!

Puppy Camp includes working with your puppy on:

  • Socialization and Play
  • Potty Training
  • Crate Training
  • Help for Nipping and Chewing
  • Foundation Behaviors: Sit, Down, Touch, Stay, Come, Place
  • Impulse Control: Wait for Food, Leave It, Drop It, Loose Leash Walking


  • 1 Week Package: $800
  • 2 Week Package: $1500
  • Pay-Per-Night: $120/night

Due to high demand and limited availability, we recommend booking Puppy Camp well in advance of your desired dates. 

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Semi-Private Dog Training

Semi-Private Training

Have a group of friends, family members, and/or co-workers looking for dog training? Take advantage of semi-private training, which gives you the customized approach of private training in a budget-friendly small group setting.

Whether you're looking for puppy training, basic obedience, or specific skills, we can tailor semi-private training to your group's goals.


  • Single Semi-Private Session: $40/dog*
  • Package of 5 Semi-Private Sessions: $165/dog*
  • *3 Dog Minimum Required

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