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In-Home Private Dog Training

Effective dog training from the comfort of your home.

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In-Home Private Dog Training

At Peach on a Leash, we’ve created the most dynamic, customizable, results-driven in-home private dog training programs available in the area.

Your certified trainer will travel to you and work with your family in your home (and/or other locations as desired) on a weekly basis, assess your goals, implement an entirely custom training plan to help you meet those goals, and guide you through the training process with extensive follow-up support.

We specialize not only in effectively training dogs, but in providing quality instruction for the entire family to ensure lasting results.

We have training programs tailored to meet every budget and required level of training, including (but not limited to):

  • Puppy Training
  • Manners & Obedience
  • Aggression & Reactivity
  • Barking and Lunging on Leash
  • Leash Training
  • Curbing Problem Behaviors like Jumping, Barking, Play Biting, Counter Surfing
  • Fearful/Shy Dogs
  • Separation Anxiety

Scroll through the options below to see the various programs we offer; please note that there is no extra charge for working with multiple dogs within the household, and payment plans are available!

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All of our in-home training clients receive:

  • Exceptional training conducted by a certified dog trainer and behavior expert
  • Custom training plans sent to you after each session
  • Direct access to your trainer during and after your program via email or phone
  • Transparent pricing with no extra fees and no additional charge to work with multiple dogs in the home
  • Lifetime training support via email and through our exclusive online client community group.
  • Lifetime access to our client-only Advanced Train & Maintain class
  • Free access to our partner training app, containing our step-by-step videos and how-to’s that follow your training plan ($99/year value)
  • NEW: Interest-free payment plans are now available for private instruction.

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Day-Training for Dogs

Our Training Programs

Our dog training programs are designed to be customized to the needs of your family and your dogs. We offer a variety of options to ensure that whatever your training goals might be, we can meet them effectively.

All of our programs include customized training plans, lifetime email and phone support, and direct access to your trainer by phone and email.


Our Bronze Collar program is small but mighty! If you have a few targeted training needs to address, these three sessions are often all that's needed.

Recommended For*:
Single Behavior Issue
Basic Manners
Potty Training
Jumping, Mouthing, Mild Barking

3-4 Obedience Behaviors
Loose Leash Walking

Cost: $459


A great choice for homes with more than one dog needing training, or who are seeking help for mild to moderate behavior issues. It's also the perfect amount of sessions for more intensive manners and/or obedience training for adult dogs.

Recommended For*:
Newly Adopted Dogs
Adolescent Dogs
Mild to Moderate Behavior Issues
Leash Reactivity
Off-Leash Reliability
Intensive Manners Training
Foundation Obedience Training
Multi-Dog Households
Mild Aggression or Fear

Cost: $729


Our Gold Collar program is the ideal choice for clients looking for complete obedience training from start to finish, or other advanced training and behavior work.

Whether you're looking to resolve aggression issues or simply want to have the best-behaved dog in your neighborhood, this program is your first and last step to a dream dog.

Recommended For*:

Therapy Dog Training
Proofing Obedience and Manners Outdoors
Obedience in New Locations
Obedience in High-Distraction
Moderate to Severe Aggression or Fear
Multi-Dog Homes
Recall in High-Distraction
Precision Heeling

Cost: $1089

*These are examples of the types of goals that can be met during the package listed. Packages are totally customized to your goals, and we will prioritize the goals that are relevant to you and your dog. 


We are area leaders in puppy development and training. Many clients describe our puppy program as “the best money they’ve ever spent on their dog.”

Our puppy-specific program is designed to prevent behavior problems, set clear rules and boundaries, instill a lasting training foundation, and leave you with a well-mannered family pet.

Designed for puppies under 6 months old, our puppy program is the perfect way to lay a solid training and socialization foundation in your dog's most formative months.

With our Peachy Puppy Program, you'll receive:

  • A customizable 6-session private training program that takes place in your home.
  • Customized guidance on socialization, potty and crate training, nipping, and other common puppy issues.
  • Lifetime email and phone support, plus lifetime access to our exclusive online client community group.
  • A complete obedience and manners foundation for your puppy.

Cost: $699


Looking for the ultimate dog training experience? With our Platinum Collar program, we spare no service to give you and your dog the complete training experience you're looking for. From private instruction to unlimited group classes and support, you'll never be left wondering how to tackle a training issue. 

Get ready, because you're about to have the most beautifully-trained dog of your life.

With this all-access package, you'll receive:

  • 15 Private Sessions 
  • 5 Online Sessions
  • 2 Group Classes/year included for two years
  • Lifetime access to our Recall Redefined online course ($99 value)
  • Unlimited email and phone support during your program, plus lifetime access to our online community group.
  • Training harness and whistle included.

Recommended For*:

Complete Training Support and Guidance
Advanced Obedience and Training
Advanced Off-Leash Reliability
Ongoing Training Success
Complex Behavior Issues
Advanced Trick Training

Cost: $2199


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