Consulting for Pet Pros

Peach on a Leash owner and head trainer, Alex Sessa, is excited to offer personalized, one-on-one consulting services for dog training professionals.

Over the last several years, Alex has scaled the Peach on a Leash program to a seven-figure business with an elite team of twelve trainers, serving 150+ clients a week. She is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer through the CCPDT and a Certified Pet Behavior Consultant through the IAABC and has been training dogs professionally since 2012.

She’s now offering services designed specifically for professional dog trainers, including business and marketing services, as well as case consultations.

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Business and Marketing Coaching

We are excited to offer business and marketing coaching for dog training professionals! We can help you take your business to the next level, with guidance on:

  • Structuring and scaling your business
  • Acquiring and retaining clients
  • Marketing your services
  • Social Media
  • Streamlining your client booking and on-boarding processes
  • Developing strategic partnerships
  • And more! Our services are customized to your needs.

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Case Consultations

Dog training professionals: If you have a client case you’re struggling with, or lack confidence in taking certain types of cases, our case consultations are designed to help you overcome those roadblocks and take your training skills to the next level.

Whether you’re brand new to training or a seasoned pro, our case consultations provide you with invaluable expert guidance and a renewed sense of confidence in your own abilities.

You can expect to receive specific, actionable plans from each session that you can utilize with your own clients, as well as fun, clear, judgment-free coaching that will help you become a more confident and well-rounded trainer.

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Our Coaching Program for Aspiring Trainers

Our in-person coaching program for aspiring dog trainers is a fast-track to a successful career in the dog training industry.

We believe that a well-rounded dog trainer develops their skills through academic study combined with observation and hands-on practice.

We take on only one student at a time to ensure you receive personalized coaching.

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Our Program Includes:

Weekly meetings with Peach on a Leash head trainer, Alex Sessa

Attend monthly team meetings with the entire POAL staff

Group class auditing, with additional opportunities to assist classes as you grow your skills

Weekly shadowing of in-person sessions

Hands-on training as you demonstrate readiness

Our ideal candidates are enrolled in or have completed a professional dog training program. We will build on the academic education you’ve already received.

Joining this program does not guarantee you a future spot as one of our trainers, but you will be the first considered in the event of a position opening.

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